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The Rule of Three by Eric Walters

“The writing pulls me in and holds me captive and I can’t do anything to get free but read until I finish the entire work.” ev.owa

The Rule of Three by Eric Walters is a thriller about Adam Daley, a 16-year-old whose world was turned upside-down when a global catastrophe disables all electronics and sends society spiraling out of control. He must work with his neighborhood, Eden Mills, to survive. It takes place in spring 2014. His dad is thousands of miles away from his family, a commercial airplane pilot working for Delta Airlines. He must discover the fate of his dad and what caused all the electronics to shut down before it is too late to save anyone.

What made this book one of my favorites was the author’s choice of words and the topic itself. The topic of global catastrophic loss of power and/or electronics alone hasn’t been used very much in entertainment recently, thus making it quite unique. The last time I saw or remember this topic being used was the T.V. show “Revolution” that ran from 2012 to 2014. It’s really interesting and I would like more with the same subject. As for the author’s writing, it’s descriptive and intense. He uses some similes and a few pretty elaborate metaphors. For example, on page 295, Herb, a retired government spy, is explaining to Howie, a guard and former PD member, why they have to turn away everyone who wants to stay their safe, defended & protected neighborhood. He says, “This neighborhood is a lifeboat in a storm we can’t stop. Only so many people can be in our boat, no matter how many swimmers you see bobbing in the ocean. If you try to pull in too many, you sink. You save nobody, including those who were on the boat. Our priority has to be those who are in the boat, because we can’t save all of those who need to be in the boat. Our only exception has been when those on the outside can make our lifeboat stronger and more self-sustaining.”

I would definitely read another book by this author. The writing pulls me in and holds me captive and I can’t do anything to get free but read until I finish the entire work. Somebody that would enjoy this book is someone who likes action, battle, books about catastrophic/apocalyptic situations/events, and a little romance mixed in. Such books are like Life as we Knew It, Ashes, Ashes, and ZOM-B. I rate The Rule of Three 9.5 ultralights out of 10.