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Lost in the Sun by Lisa Graff

Lisa Graff’s realistic fiction novel Lost In The Sun is about the life of a sixth grasunde boy named Trent. He was the main reason why a hockey incident led to a death a couple of months ago and he feels terrible. In this book, Trent also struggles to have a good relationship with his father and can’t really seem to make friends easily. Trent is just very confused with his life and trying to figure out which path to follow. As you read you will learn how Trent deals with losing friends, trust and problems at home.

This book drew me in because of its different plot. For example, Trent who is just twelve years old has to live with the pain of killing someone. He also has to deal with feeling helpless and lonely. Reading about his life was fascinating because the death caused more events to unfold later in the book.

One strong point of the story was the author’s choice of narrator. I like how it spoke in Trent’s point of view. By Trent telling the story I really understood him and felt like I was there with him.

As I was reading, I was really wondering if I would read another story by Lisa Graff. Her writing was so good in this book I wondered how her others were. So, I did my research and came across some titles and summaries only to come to the conclusion that her writing is amazing and I would love to read more. I think anyone who likes drama would enjoy this book because there’s lots of family drama and problems. I would most definitely rate this book five out of five stars. It was a book I will never forget and I will definitely re-read.

Review by Kylie N.