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Where I’m From

These poems are inspired by the original of the same title written by George Ella Lyon.

Where I’m From

I am from walking around town with my friends friends

and playing football and fighting

over the rules until we lose our voices.

I am from screaming my heart out

at the television when football is on.

I am from warm eggs and toast on Saturday mornings.

I’m from fighting with my brother

over dumb things.

I’m from constantly begging for a dog

until I get one.

I’m from burning my mouth on my dad’s

delicious homemade cornbread.

All these memories blow through my head like leaves

in the cold autumn breeze.

By Josh K.


Where I’m From

I am from crisp sunsets

with a helping of waffles.

I am from soccer balls slamming

against the net.

I am from a trombone horn blasting

towards to audience.

I’m from a scorched army post

in Oklahoma.

I’m from munching down

Chicago dogs at dusk.

I’m from Giordano’s twisted

Chicago style pizza.

I am from a sky blue baby drum set somewhere

in the land of storage.

I am from a cherished Lion King blanket

destroyed in a car accident.

My childhood memories drift in the wind like a paper plane.

By Brandon H.


Where I’m From

I am from pitching
at the little league field
under the bright lights.

I am from strategies

on the checkerboard playing

with my grandpa.

I am from the country music blasting

as I work in the cold garage shop.

I am from casting the spinner

into the foggy water.

I’m from the red canoe racing

through the water.

Memories hang in my head

like tools on a wall ready

to make new memories.

by Andrew G.